Here is the power of ONE donation

Tue, 10/04/2016 - 3:14pm -- rcoiman
* ONE donation to UNITED WAY OF GREATER TEXARKANA reaches ALL of OUR supported PROGRAMS!
THESE programs are reviewed each year by our COMMUNITY IMPACT Team Member consisting solely of regional VOLUNTEERS (Not employees of the United Way of Greater Texarkana!) Decisions on which programs are approved, along with the amounts awarded, are made LOCALLY and not dictated by any State or Federal United Way governing body! Last year we had several “new” programs apply and were granted funding. WE certainly NEED the ENTIRE COMMUNITEIS SUPPORT!   The United Way of Greater Texarkana currently supports programs that:
  • Offer shelter too physically & abused women needing immediate assistance, along with their precious children! Counseling services provided, small food pantry.
  • Provides shelter to those needing a place to sleep, shelter from the elements, a blanket for warmth, a nutritious meal for an empty stomach…perhaps they need a willing ear that will listen.
  • Gives children a Head Start in school…another program offers early childhood intervention…EDUCATION! EDUCATION! EDUCATION! LONG TERM SOLUTIONS!
  • Feeds Children with hunger insecurities, through a back-pack program…a full stomach allows children to have one less worry, so they can concentrate on their teacher’s lessons.
  • Provides senior citizens delivered meals, safety visits and friendly faces (Again hunger insecurities)
  • Provides Career Readiness & Adult Literacy assistance (These program partner with vocational training programs for eventual job placement) Computer Literacy programs are offered too!
  • Mentoring and tutoring time for students at the Boys & Girls Club on 1303 Milam, part of a Salvation Army Power Hour program.
  • Offers those that are financially destitute the opportunity to enter into a certified nursing assistance program with the opportunity to earn a wage earning position with room for advancement.  
  • Helps those with developmental challenges both mentally and physically become more independent 
  • Offers the Elderly assistance for those facing debilitating issues.
  • Provides Horseback therapy!
  • Multiple programs focus on Educational development curriculums which target youth (Youth Mentoring, Learning for life “Boy Scouts”, Summer Camps “Girl Scouts”, P.R.I.D.E. Academy …)
  • Provide school supplies to those in need within the region.
  • Supportive services for those with developmental & intellectual disabilities.
  • Transportation services for those with developmental & intellectual disabilities.
  • Protects children from critical situations of physical/mental abuse through the Court appointed advocacy program. 
  • Supports mothers facing unplanned pregnancies, educations and counseling. 
  • Helps Middle school teens through team challenges and development… and more
Above is just a snapshot of some of many ways just one gift can reach lot more for the community! 
Again, just ONE donation to UNITED WAY OF GREATER TEXARKANA reaches ALL of OUR supported PROGRAMS!

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